Consultant of the Year Award | Construction Technology Awards


Judges’ shortlist 2023

Consultant of the Year

This category recognises AEC industry consultants that can demonstrate how they systematically plan for and execute digital initiatives and/or new ways of working within their business to enhance the delivery and handover of projects. Entries should focus on the last 24 months, demonstrating that a holistic approach has been taken towards strategy, planning, management and execution of initiatives, and fixing industry pain points for the benefit of different business disciplines, industry stakeholders, projects and/or asset lifecycle. Benefit realisation carries 40% of the score weight and depends on providing clear evidence. Therefore, please give details on the tangible outcomes of the digital initiatives/new ways of working in the last 24 months such as gains in efficiency, safety, quality and cost, along with supporting evidence.

Al Ajmi Engineering Consultants

Al Ajmi Engineering Consultants (AEC) has been at the forefront of Dubai’s architectural and engineering design sector for more than three decades. Since its establishment in 1987, AEC has shifted gears in the construction industry, offering comprehensive professional engineering services. We use modern technology tools that blend theory and practice to develop and produce sophisticated designs, as well as provide project management services. AEC is recognised by leading industry publications and its peers as a multidisciplinary Architectural Design & Engineering Consultancy firm. The company aims to grow and excel in a competitive business world with a firm belief that offering high-quality services while maintaining professional work ethics and transparency is the key to success.


Al Suweidi Engineering Consultants Bureau

Al Suweidi has a deep commitment to digital transformation and is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to its clients. Its approach to digital initiatives and new ways of working is centered around innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. The company has implemented a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline project management and improve efficiency. Additionally, Al Suweidi has developed an innovative software solution called TrafBot, which employs robotic automation to revolutionise the accuracy and speed of traffic analysis, delivering unprecedented results to their clients. Using advanced technologies, such as visual programming (Dynamo), have transformed traditional procedures, by reducing time and errors, and delivering consistent results.



Founded 46 years ago, Cundall is now 1,000 people strong globally with 24 offices worldwide. The company set up in the UAE more than 15 years ago. Our vision as an organisation is to be an agent of change for a sustainable world and thought leaders in the construction industry. This led to its carbon neutrality commitment and to set the goal of becoming carbon positive by 2025.

With sustainability at the heart of everything Cundall does, its team of engineers deliver innovative, sustainable design solutions to address a project’s whole lifecycle. Each person’s work is dedicated to a greater purpose, to make a change in the world by building an environment that is focused on people and a sustainable future.

As the first engineering consultancy in the world to be certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust Cundall feels confident in leading by example and helping the built environment meet its environmental responsibilities. Cundall recently embarked on the next stage of its journey, with a commitment to deliver zero carbon design on all its projects globally by 2030.



Gleeds has demonstrated a firm commitment to data maturity and innovation by evolving capability through various avenues. They are raising the standard for organisation-wide data literacy through various data maturity courses that will inspire a digital culture and data adoption. This will help the organisation realise the value of data and empower our teams to manifest it.

In addition, it is investing in innovation to solve challenges in the built environment. Gleeds is committed to improving project outcomes, enabling data-driven decision-making, enhancing collaboration and maximising resource use, which is vital in delivering towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



The last few years have been some of the most challenging for businesses. InSite has embraced digital innovation to overcome this adversity within the market by strengthening its internal digital capability and market presence by embracing new technology and automation.

InSite strives to reduce cost of delivery and increase quality for its clients by using the latest digital technology and developing digital solutions and partnerships that redefine basic offerings and develop new business and market opportunities. The business implements a clear digital work planning process to reduce risk and improve project quality and visibility, which has led InSite being awarded BSI Certification for BIM within the ISO 19650 Framework.


Robert Bird Group

Robert Bird Group has been on a formal journey of digital transformation since 2018, when the opportunities and risks facing the business were first identified and a strategy put in place. Since this time the business has implemented a core strategy encompassing all aspects of digital, including BIM, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), data, computational design and software development, creating networks and communities within RBG to encourage innovation and knowledge sharing, and raising the awareness and profile of digital throughout the business.

The outcome has been a wave of grassroots digital uptake and upskilling, resulting in a huge, global increase in applied digital tools, increased productivity and added value to projects. Two of the largest groupwide initiatives are Magpie – a BIM Dashboard providing multiple insights to stakeholders on BIM model quality, material quantities and embodied carbon, and Reveal – an interactive 4D VDC visualisation tool built using Unity which is accessible to clients.



AESG is committed to leading the data revolution in the built environment. Digital technology and innovation is deeply embedded across all our multidisciplinary service offerings.

AESG champion innovative technologies to drive the market towards higher performing, more sustainable developments.

These include:

  • Parametric and Computational Design
  • Performance Simulation
  • Generative Design
  • BIM
  • Digital Twins
  • IoT Integration
  • Building Analytics
  • Pathway to Net Zero

By offering one of the first comprehensive digital handover solutions in the Middle East,AESG has introduced new practices for the industry. With our new digital commissioning, handover and asset management platform Data+ we offer full digital handovers on all commissioning and handover management projects, along with the option of hosting project data on Data+, our cloud-based platform making it accessible from anywhere, easily searchable, and instantly updatable.

AESG also launched a Pathway To Net Zero to advance the uptake of a sustainable built environment. This pathway is applied free of cost to all design projects

AESG also supports clients in obtaining the prestigious WiredScore and SmartScore certifications. AESG is committed to supporting clients to meet high standards of sustainability & efficiency.