Terms and Conditions CTF Awards | Who Can Enter



  1. Organisations with an office in the Middle East and North Africa
  2. Projects based in the Middle East and North Africa
  3. Employees based in the Middle East and North Africa
  4. Project owners, Developers, AEC Consultants, Contractors, Architecture, Engineering firms and relevant Startups


  1. Each award has individual entry criteria. Check that an entry is eligible for submission before starting the entry process
  2. You may download a PDF copy of the entry criteria and the full entry form to help preparation in advance
  3. All entries must be submitted online
  4. Entry is free
  5. All entries must be completed and submitted by the closing date to be considered for the competition
  6. Multiple categories may be entered by the same project, organisation or individual
  7. The same category may be entered multiple times by the same organisation for different projects and/or individuals - however successfully shortlisted entries will be capped at the best 2 entries per organisation
  8. The length of the submission is limited by the word count on the entry form
  9. Entries must be written in English
  10. Where entries are collaborative, all major contributors should be specified within the entry
  11. Consent must be sought from the relevant project owner, organisation or individual when entering
  12. Translations must be provided for any supporting material not in English
  13. Evidence provided to support results should be referenced and entries can be disqualified if the data source is not cited
  14. For most awards, benefit realisation carries 40% of the score weight and depends on providing evidence. Supporting evidence includes industry surveys, analyst reports and studies, testimonials, photographs, independent references and published articles


  1. The awards ceremony takes place as part of the Construction Technology Festival
  2. Attendance to the awards ceremony is payable and can be purchased as an individual awards ticket (seat or table pass) or as part of the package to the Construction Technology Festival
  3. Shortlisted organisations are not permitted to attend the award ceremony without a paid ticket
  4. We may for any reason, at any time withdraw an entry (without limitation) where it might:
    • offend national sentiments, religious or cultural sentiments or public taste
    • not meet the relevant entry criteria
    • include work that was banned or withdrawn from airing or publication
    • be missing the required elements, results, or information.
  5. To withdraw an entry, notification must be provided in writing to the email address listed on the website
  6. We own all intellectual property rights, including copyright, design rights and trademark rights, in and to all trophies, decorative objects and other souvenirs of achievement in relation to an award
  7. Any duties, fees and charges accrued from the transporting of the relevant trophy will be the winners responsibility
  8. Our decisions in all matters relating to the awards will be final and binding
  9. The content of all submissions remains, at all times, the copyright of the entrant
  10. Construction Technology Awards may wish to reproduce some relevant content for the purpose of promotional materials such as: winners’ case-studies, PR or other. If an entrant does not wish to give automatic permission for material to be reproduced, this must be noted when the submission is made
  11. Financial information will be respected as confidential and will not be published


  1. Each award has an individual score criteria including a unique % score weight and a unique possible score for each criteria
  2. Winning entries will achieve the highest overall score in that category (that is the total sum of the score x score weight for all criteria)
  3. The judging process is fully independent and the judges decision will be final
  4. The judging panel reserves the right to re-categorise or reject any entry that does not comply with the entry requirements of the competition
  5. Entries will be judged on the information provided in the entry form and additional supporting material where submitted
  6. Details of the judging conversations will not be disclosed
  7. No correspondence will be entered into regarding feedback on entries
  8. Judges are requested to declare any conflicts of interest and remove themselves from the process if they are presented with a conflicting entry


  1. We will respect as confidential any financial data submitted in an entry
  2. If there is a particular part of an entry that should be kept confidential then this should be stated in the entry form at the time of entry
  3. All entries will be stored securely on our website and accessible only by the judges
  4. By entering the Construction Technology Awards, companies are authorising the use of the ‘entry description’, ‘marketing photo’ and/or ‘company logo’, for the purpose of the awards presentation and external marketing